This is the faculty site for me, Patricia Kruep, and is my primary means for dispensing assignments, information, and whatnot to present, past, and future students. Here is a little information about how this site was put together.

Designery Stuff


Colors used for general content:
  • Concord Grape” R54 G54 B86/#363656
  • Blue Raspberry” R0 G131 B194/#0083C2
  • Blueberry” R81 G81 B114/#515172
  • Lemon Curd” R233 G193 B32/#E9C120

Colors used for current courses (winter):

  • Tomato” R191 G6 B00/#BF0600
  • Eggplant” R115 G41 B103/#732967
  • Lime” R135 G191 B59/#87BF3B
  • Raspberry” R167 G58 B141/#A73A8D
  • Spinach” R47 G105 B95/#2F695F
  • Tangerine” R213 G111 B00/#D56F00

The color scheme for winter is inspired by the “Balanced Diet” kuler palette by kuler user dianesteingberg.


The display typeface is Adobe’s American Typewriter, in standard and bold weights. This typeface is used for upper-level headers and the logotype. In most cases, this typeface is used via the WP-Cufón type replacement plugin for WordPress by Tobias Battenberg. The logotype is added using a CSS image replacement technique.

Everything else uses Varela via the Google Web Fonts API. If Varela isn’t available, the typeface choice degrades to Arial, Helvetica, and the system sans-serif font.