Skillz: Now You See Me….


Create three examples of show/hide effects using the jQuery library. The challenge is to create a means for the user to toggle between hiding an element and then showing the element again. Not only does the toggle switch of button need to function properly, it also needs to look good and be self-evident to the user. In other words, the user should be able to ‘get it’ that clicking the button or link will hide/show the element being hidden/shown.

Create your examples using Codepen or using the HTML/CSS/JS trifecta of files. Don’t forget to include the jQuery library.

Materials and Technology

  • Text editor or Codepen
  • jQuery library
  • Browser


  1. Demonstrate three ways to show and hide an HTML element based on user action


  • HTML page posted to student account¬†with pen embedded (if used), or link to Skillz via portal page
  • URL to Skillz posted to corresponding dropbox basket in eCompanion course shell

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