Got Skillz? Another Introduction


As mentioned in the syllabus and, like Creative Juice, are¬†activities designed for you to practice, enhance, and challenge your mad web building skillz. In most cases, but not all, these activities relate to what is covered in class or in assigned readings. The goal in all this is have a place to play and experiment–which is best way to learn how to do this stuff.


Like Creative Juice activities, Skillz activities must be posted to your portal (see specific Skillz for specifics). You may maintain a page of links to Skills activities, if you prefer. You may combine links to Skillz and Creative Juice activities in a single HTML file. URLs to Skillz should be submitted to the Skillz dropbox in the eCompanion course shell. Each Skillz activity is worth 25 points. Use whatever tools you need to get the job done. Skillz activities should maintain web coding standards, including separate HTML and CSS stylesheets. Brownie points for including comments describing what’s going on in your files.

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