Squeezing Creative Juices: An Introduction


As mentioned in the syllabus, Creative Juice is a collection of creative activities. Each one is an opportunity to stretch and practice your creative muscles by exploring design problems. Challenges range from graphic design oriented (ex: typography, color, layout) to new ways to find inspiration in the world around us. Creative Juice activities may be completed more than once. There is also no right or wrong way do do things. Your best bet for success is to approach the activities with a mind open for new ideas and a willingness to fail spectacularly.


See specific activities for specifics. Generally you will post your work to your portal. You may, optionally, keep a separate page of links to your Creative Juice experiments. You may combine links to Creative Juice and Skillz activities in the same HTML page. Make sure it is clear which experiment goes with which Creative Juice activity. Submit a URL to the activity attempted to the Creative Juice dropbox in the eCompanion course shell. You may use whichever tools make the most sense for the activity at hand. Your output, though, should be web-friendly. Each completed activity is worth 25 points.

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