Updated Checklist

Updated Checklist

This checklist supersedes the ‘additional items’ listed in the portfolio checklist. The items listed for the portfolio requirements remain the same.

Additional items

  • Business cards
  • Resumes
  • Online web presence detailing portfolio work
  • Portfolio book (optional, but highly recommended)

Why these changes?

As discussed in class, the portfolio show will not take place this quarter. Thus there is no need to produce materials for the portfolio show. However, it becomes that much more important to develop your online portfolio and presence.

Portfolio Book

Optionally, and highly recommended, you can supplement your online site with a printed book of your portfolio pieces. This would be a tangible piece to hold in hand and present to interested parties. It also makes a nice compilation of your student work and a way to tangibly bring this phase to a close.

Printing work samples

I will leave it to your discretion to print and mount samples of your work.

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