INTB409 Portfolio Checklist

Portfolio checklist

Below is the list of pieces required for the Interior Design portfolio. We will track progress and sign off on these pieces via eCompanion.

3 portfolio quality projects.

The student should show that they can do a bit of everything (variety). Show a variety of media: Hand sketches, hand bubble diagrams, hand floor plans, hand pencil or marker drawings, CAD drawings, Sketchup 3D, Revit 3D, Dialux or 3D Max Lighting, Photoshop and InDesign. Call out media on boards (ex: Revit into Photoshop)


  • Problem statement (or Project Description) and Concept statement for each project. Keep this to about 2 sentences each
  • Research and client interviews should be in the books. A bit could be on the boards.
    (Hand drawing: Keep very small if it is poor. If they have talent in this show it.
  • Site Analysis for 1 project would be good: Show streets, wind effects, sun effects, environmental design ideas (ex: allowing light to come in deep into a room).
  • Building Code Analysis: They should make any codes specific to their project. Do not just copy and paste IBC book info.
    • Ex: Explain where hallway requirements are used.
    • Ex: Explain distances between 2 exit doors.
  • At least one and probably more projects should include a bubble diagram, adjacency diagram or a Block Diagram
  • At least one project should show “the process”.
    • Ex: Show development of the floor plan. (I will show you a board by George who did this well with Residential 2).
  • Include 3D drawings. If the student can draw have at least 1 freehand perspective.
  • Include at least 1 CAD elevation or section
  • Include at least 1 CAD Detail drawing (up close detail – I will show you an example)
  • If students has a good handmade model it is good to show. It can also be a small working model (process model)
  • Have at least 1 good section cut through the space. It should be ¼” scale or so and show a designed (not flat) ceiling. More points for including mechanical and fire in ceiling. (1/8″ scale is too small).
  • Include at least 1 lighting plan
  • Include at least 1 detail drawing (scale: 1 ½” = 1’-0”)
  • Student could include FF&E specifications for some to all of the projects.
  • Call outs of new Environmental materials is important

Check the UAM (Faculty/Anne Holic) for portfolio examples

Additional pieces

Below are additional pieces that supplement your portfolio and promotion of self at the portfolio show and beyond. We will track progress and sign off on these pieces via eCompanion.

  • Résumé
  • Initial Display
  • Personal Identity promo system
  • Final typeset statement for one project
  • Printed display plans & display materials list
  • Complete set of self-promo give-aways (résumés, business cards and give-aways 50 minimum)
  • Photos of completed constructed display

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