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Create and utilize an online blog to document progress and inspiration on your senior project: including documents, research, ideas, and experimentation–all related to your senior project. The blog can be self-hosted or an account on one of the free blog services. Whichever setup you go for (self hosted or not), your senior project blog should remain separate from any other blogs you already maintain. Include a link to your blog from your current student portal site.

Entries should show forward progress on your project (inspiration and idea generating are also forward-moving). There is a minimum of 5 posts a week with no more than two posts a day to count towards that minimum. You are certainly encouraged to post more often.

Emphasis is on content, not design. That said, you are encouraged to put your personal stamp on your blog. Just don’t spend a lot of time on it. I recommend you try to incorporate the look and feel of your project into the blog design.

Topics to post about include (but are not limited to)

  • Project research
  • Technology research
  • Examples (technology, design, assets, etc.)
  • Process documentation (required)
  • Ideas related to your project
  • Inspiration for your project (technology, designs, user experience, whatever inspires you to keep moving forward)
Blog links will be posted to this site for your classmates to view. Feeds may also be included, as possible.


  1. Using either a self-hosted install or a free-hosted blog, students will document their progress on their senior project


  • none

Materials and Equipment

  • blog account (free or self hosted)
  • personal web site



  • Email me the URL to your blog. URLs will be posted in the blog roll so everyone can see what everyone else is up to.


  • URL for project blog due, via email, by end of class Week 1


  • Counts towards project research and experimentation grade
  • URL: 25pts

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