“Funded” Projects and Teams

The following projects are the top 6 voted on by each class member. Project team members were arranged based on preferences, as best as possible, with an eye to balancing interests, talents, and personalities (as I see them). It’s not perfect or infallible, but that’s life.

Projects are listed in order of presentation.

Like “Shazam” but for languages

  • Julia
  • Hang
  • Witteny

Bone Ice Creame

  • Scott
  • William
  • Steven

Find Me

  • Sean
  • Asya
  • Castaina

Good Samaritan Game/Society Hero

  • Marlon
  • Matthew
  • Danaysia

Group Tank

  • Erik
  • Yadie
  • Vanessa

Gym Perfect

  • Jordan
  • Michael
  • Joe
  • Blanca

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