You Like Us. You Really Do!

The WDIM department now has a page on Facebook! Our goal is to make this an easily accessible forum for the WDIM students and faculty for all things web and interactive design. Got a cool HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Flash/JQuery/Drupal/Wordpress/Joomla tip to share? Share it on the WDIM page! Need help troubleshooting HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Flash/JQuery/Drupal/Wordpress/Joomla? Post your question on the WDIM page! Have an answer for the HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Flash/JQuery/Drupal/Wordpress/Joomla question? Help out your fellow WDIM friend and post the answer to the WDIM page. You’ll likely help other WDIM peeps and earn good karma points. Want to organize a usability testing Flash mob? Post an event to the WDIM page! Looking for critique on that awesome web site you’re building? Post your request to the WDIM page! Have a suggestion for the WDIM department? Post it to the WDIM page!

By now, you hopefully get the idea. Help us realize our goal for department unity through Facebook. Be our friend! Like us! You know you want to!

[btw. There should be a handy Like button right above this statement. If there isn’t, you can find the WDIM Facebook page here. -pk]