“Funded” Projects and Teams

The following projects are the top 6 voted on by each class member. Project team members were arranged based on preferences, as best as possible, with an eye to balancing interests, talents, and personalities (as I see them). It’s not perfect or infallible, but that’s life.

Projects are listed in order of presentation.
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E-Commerce Site Project Overview


This quarter, you will be creating a small, e-commerce-type site that solves a business need. Your ‘client’ is a small business that sells a product or service. They want users to be able to customize their orders so they (the users) can get exactly what they want. You will create a JavaScript enhanced front-end to the e-commerce site. Typical back-end functionality (payment processing, data storage, login/log out, etc.) will be mimicked with JavaScript. Actual server side coding is outside the scope of the class. View article