Kata: Mad Libs

Kata: Mad Libs

Madlibs is a classic word game where one player prompts another player for words of a particular type (sound, adjective, verb, etc.). The words the second player offers up are inserted into a story and the story is read aloud, often to funny or non-sensical results. To complete this kata, you will need to acquire an actual Mad Libs text and word list.

Wikipedia: Mad Libs

Noob: Design a program, using pseudocode and flowcharts that asks the user for a series of words from the word list, then outputs the completed Mad Libs story, inserting the words the user entered where appropriate. Indicate in your program design the inputs and outputs required.

XP: 20

Code Monkey: Complete the Noob kata. Based on the algorithm/program designed, create a JavaScript program that executes the program as designed.

XP: 50

King Code: Complete the Noob and Code Monkey kata. Refine the solution for improved efficiency for data input, storage, retrieval. Randomly display a different Mad Lib story so the user doesn’t always get the same results.

XP: 75

Unicorn: Complete the King Code level. Add data validation for user input. Allow the user the opportunity to change their input and see the changes updated in the displayed Mad Lib. Create a function that tests the data validation.

XP: 100

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