Design Studio: I’m So Trendy

Monday, October 13, 2014


The World Wide Web turned 25 years old this year. That decade-and-a-half life span saw design trends come and go. Some were good. Some were best left in the dust of history. Below are a smattering of links to articles that walk the history of these trends. One of the articles attempts to predict trends for 2014 (how many of the predictions came to pass?). The last article is more of a brief history of the internet, less about design. It’s included because designing for the web is heavily impacted by the technology behind it.

Design is a team sport

You will be divided up into teams of about 3-4. Each team will receive a period of time in web design past, present, or future. Read the articles presented above. Based on these and anything else you turn up in your own research, identify at least 3-5 web design trends for that period of time. Future trends, of course, are best guesses on your part based largely on reading the tea leaves of today (smart watches, anyone? Internet of Things? Also, we’re talking no further than 2015-2016. No going all Minority Report unless you can back it up.

With research in hand, put your trends in context: historically, technically, etc. What made this trend a trend? Was it something influenced by technology, another design field, world events?

Create a sample representing the identified design trends. Graphics only, no need for code. Use Powerpoint or Google Presentation to elucidate and educate your classmates (show, not just tell). Presentations should take about 5 minutes each and are presented as a group. Each member of the group should participate in the presentation. The presentation should have as many slides as needed to get your point across.

Finally, export your presentations to PDF and upload your group’s file to the Doc Sharing section of the course’s eCompanion shell. Files should go in the Design Studio: I’m So Trendy category and must be shared with entire class (vs. ionly instructor). This is a little different than how assignments are turned it. It seems the most effective, given the group work. Make sure all group members’ names are present in the presentation.


  1. Research past, present, and future trends in web design

Materials and Supplies

  • Presentation software (Powerpoint, Google Presentation)
  • Graphics software (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Web browser of choice


  • 5 minute group presentation with accompanying slides
  • Presentation uploaded to course Doc Sharing in the Design Studio: I’m So Trendy category, shared to entire class.


  • 50pts, Design Studio
  • Group members share same grade


Research past, present, and future trends in web design

  • Exemplary (4): Goes above and beyond requirements. Presentation expertly created and presented. Research is thorough. Examples created and presented expertly capture the essence of the design trends.
  • Above average (3): Meets requirements. Presetation adequately created and presented. Research is adequate. Examples created and presented adequately capture the essence of the design trends.
  • Average (2): Meets requirements. Presetation basicall created and presented. Research is basic. Examples created and presented basically capture the essence of the design trends.
  • Below average (1): Fails to meet requirements. Presetation poorly created and presented. Research is poorly executed. Examples created and presented poorly capture the essence of the design trends.
  • Unacceptable (0): Presentation not completed, presentation slides not submitted per directions.

Due Date

This assignment is due: Monday, October 13, 2014.

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