Avatar for Leaderboard

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


For the course leaderboard of level achievements, I need an avatar to represent you on the board.

Your avatar must be a 200px x 200px web-ready graphic (JPG, PNG, or GIF). The only real requirement is that your avatar cannot be something you would be embarrassed to show your grandmother. In other words, no obscenity, lewdness, or derogatory language or pictures. Your avatar speaks on your behalf. Make sure it is representing you in a positive light.

There are plenty of avatar creators out there, most of them can be found via Google. If you have a Gravatar or similar that you would like to use, that’s fine. You still need to submit the graphic and the name. The leaderboard will not likely be plugged into Gravatar or similar systems.


  • 200px by 200px web-ready graphic of avatar
  • Avatar name
  • Posted to assignment dropbox in Brightspace course shell


  • 25pts

Due Date

This assignment is due: Tuesday, July 10, 2018.

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